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Tampubolon Legal Solutions is an Indonesian law firm based in Jakarta, our lawyers have been practicing since 2015. 

We pride ourselves on our boutique approach, offering a comprehensive suite of legal services tailored to meet the diverse needs of businesses and individuals alike. Our expertise spans across critical areas such as employment, litigation, immigration, citizenship, and cross-border family matters, setting us apart with personalized solutions and a deep commitment to our clients' success.


Read on to explore our areas of expertise and learn how we can be of service to you

Indonesian immigration lawyer
Indonesian immigration lawyer

Our Story

Tampubolon Legal Solutions was founded by Tiffany Efny Tampubolon, a passionate and dedicated Indonesian lawyer, having a decade of experience. Her ultimate mission is to provide access to justice for those who are struggling to navigate the complexities of the Indonesian legal system. Her desire to build the firm was powered by her personal experiences and her determination to make a difference in other people's lives.


A turning point in Tiffany's journey came when she faced significant challenges in immigration in order to be reunited with her now-husband. This difficult experience opened her eyes to the hardships faced by countless individuals trying to navigate the maze-like world of Indonesian immigration law. Empathizing with their struggles and inspired by her own story, Tiffany decided to specialize in immigration law to help others overcome similar obstacles and unite families together.

In addition to immigration law, the lawyers at Tampubolon Legal Solutions offer comprehensive services in the field of employment law. Our expertise in this area is rooted in our belief in both protecting the worker's and employer’s rights as well as ensuring fair treatment in the workplace. By providing services such as employment contract drafting, company policy review, industrial relations dispute resolution, and company compliance support, our firm aims to create a more equitable and just working environment for all.

Since its establishment, Tampubolon Legal Solutions has been committed to offering personalized, client-focused legal services. We understand that each case is unique, and we approach every client with compassion and professionalism. By combining our extensive knowledge of Indonesian law, a keen understanding of multi-national cultures, and a relentless drive to serve our clients, we have built a law firm that truly makes a difference.



Employment Law

Our experienced Indonesian employment lawyers specialize in providing, ageneral advise in employment, employment contract drafting and review, company policy review, and company compliance support. We also have numerous experience in industrial relations dispute resolution.

Immigration Law

Our Indonesian immigration lawyers provide advice and assistance for a variety of immigration-related matters, including visa applications and extensions, permanent residence, deportation, employer immigration compliance, apostille and notarial legalization, police clearance certificate, and general legal advice in Indonesian immigration matters.


Our litigation practice at Tampubolon Legal Solutions also has experience across numerous industries and practice areas, including: commercial and business litigation, intellectual property and technology litigation, labor and employment litigation, shareholder derivative action, and state administrative litigation.

Citizenship Law

Our experienced Indonesian citizenhsip lawyers help our clients to undergo the naturalization process to become Indonesian citizen, guidance to renounce or regain Indonesian citizenship, and provide general legal advice in Indonesian nationality law and dual citizenship issues.

Family Law

Our Indonesian immigration lawyers provide advice and assistance for a variety of immigration-related matters, including visa applications and extensions, permanent residence, deportation, employer immigration compliance, apostille and notarial legalization, police clearance certificate, and general legal advice in Indonesian immigration matters.

Frequently Asked Questions (and Answers)

I am a foreign citizen and I am interested in moving permanently to Indonesia. How can I do that?

There are some options available for foreign nationals who want to move permanently to Indonesia. Among the most popular options are through investment program, employment, or Second Home program.

How can I obtain Indonesian citizenship without being married to Indonesian citizen?

The most common way to obtain an Indonesian citizenship (outside of birth), is by marriage. However, it is also possible to obtain an Indonesian citizenship through other means, for example for staying in Indonesia for 5 (five) years consecutively or 10 (ten) years non-consecutively, given that you are already a KITAP holder.

I am a foreign citizen and I am interested in working remotely from Bali. How can I do that?

Foreign nationals who wish to work remotely from Bali or any other islands in Indonesia can work in Indonesia using the Visitor Visa which is valid for 60-days. This type of visa then can be extended twice, bringing the total stay into 180-days. Please note that it is mandatory that the employers of such foreigners must not be Indonesian or have any representative in Indonesia. In such case, then the employment is theoretically falls under the scope of Indonesian law, and the foreigner shall have a work permit to be working in Indonesia.

I am a foreign citizen and engaged to an Indonesian national. What are the procedures we need to do to finalize our marriage?

Depending on the location where you and your spouse are going to finalize your marriage, the procedure required can be different. You can find our general explanation on this matter in the followig link.

My child was born in a foreign country as a foreign national. Can he/she obtain a dual citizenship as Indonesian?

A child of Indonesian national who was born outside of Indonesia and already obtain a foreign nationality can obtain an Indonesian nationality. However, there are some requirements to be met. Read our further explanation in the following link.

I got deported from Indonesia. Is it possible for me to return?

Whether or not a foreigner can return to Indonesia after being deported depends on the reason they were deported in the first place and the urgency to come back. Read our articles on this matter by clicking the link below.

Can you assist me to file an application to obtain USA/Australian/ Canadian visa?

No, Tampubolon Legal Solutions does not provide such service.

Can I get an SKCK rejection letter?

It's important to note that the Indonesian police no longer issue any “rejection letter” for SKCK applications where documents are incomplete or missing. If the required documents are not available, the police simply will not accept the application. Depending on your situation, an alternative solution that Tampubolon Legal Solutions can offer you it to prepare an affidavit (expert statement), which will be further notarized. This statement will explain to the relevant immigration authorities why individuals in your situation are not eligible to obtain an SKCK.

Need immediate solutions to your legal problems?

Our Service

We work closely with clients to provide exceptional legal services that are catered specifically to their needs.

Legal Consultation with Experts

At our law firm, we recognize the uniqueness of every case and the importance of personalized legal guidance. We offer two tailored consultation options:

  • 20-Minute Consultation: Ideal for straightforward inquiries or when seeking preliminary advice; and

  • 30-Minute Consultation: Best suited for more complex questions or detailed discussions.


In either session, you'll have a direct dialogue with our legal experts, allowing you to address your most pressing legal concerns.


Following your consultation, you will be provided with a comprehensive email summary of our discussion, ensuring you have a clear record of the advice given and next steps to consider.

Furthermore, should you choose to engage our services further, we will credit the cost of your initial consultation towards your total service fee. This approach ensures that your first step towards legal resolution is not only insightful but also cost-effective.

Indonesian immigration lawyer

Answering Simple Legal Questions
(without document review)

We offer easy solutions for answering simple legal queries that do not require any document review.


This benefits clients as it saves time while still providing them with the legitimate legal guidance they need.


With this service, clients can have peace of mind knowing that their legal questions are being answered accurately and efficiently.


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