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Tampubolon Legal Solutions is an experienced Indonesian Immigration law firm that provides complete and reliable legal solutions for all your immigration law matters.

Our Indonesian lawyers have been helping clients with their immigration needs since 2015 and are committed to providing comprehensive guidance and support of all immigration processes in any part of Indonesia: Java, Bali, or any other island.

We are used to helping customers from every nationality, including Indonesian, American, Australian, European, and any other country in the world.


Visa Application Assistance

Our immigration lawyers advise our clients to find the best type of Indonesian visa according to their purpose of visit to Indonesia. Our law firm also provides assistance to apply for: spouse-sponsored visa, family reunion visa, working visa, remote-workinig visa, business visa, student visa, repatriation visa, second-home visa, and visa on arrival (e-VoA).

Deportation Appeal and Blacklist Removal

Deportation can be a daunting and complex process. Our experienced immigration lawyers are here to guide, advise and assist our clients during the whole process. Our law firm is experienced in handling the deportation appeal as well as requesting removal from immigration blacklist. 

Apostille and Documents Legalization

Our Apostille and Legalization Service makes it easy to get the documents that our clients need to be recognized outside of Indonesia. We specialize in document legalization for those whose documents were issued in Indonesia, making the process quick and seamless. With our legal expertise, you can have peace of mind knowing that your documents will be properly authenticated and legalized.

Residence Permit Application

Our immigration lawyers advise our clients who wish to stay longer in Indonesia to obtain a residence permit, including a Temporary Stay Permit (KITAS) and a Permanent Stay Permit (KITAP). We also provide assistance for change of residence permit status, as well as change of sposor of residence permit. We will guide, advise, and accompany our clients during the whole application process.

Indonesian Police Clearance Certificate (SKCK)

Foreigners might need the Indonesian Police Clearance Certificate for many reasons, such as naturalization (to become Indonesian or other nationalities), for adoption, or even for job application. As a foreigner, Indonesian Police Clearance Certificate or police record can be a tricky process, and our law firm is here to guide our clients every step of the way.

Employer Immigration Compliance

Effective employer immigration compliance ensures harmony with prevailing regulations and avoids legal penalties. Our immigration and employment lawyers guide our clients to comply with the most recent immigration and employment regulations.


Why Work With Us?

It is important to know about Indonesian immigration law whether you are visiting or doing business in Indonesia.​

As the 4th biggest country in the world, Indonesia has been increasingly attracting people and businesses. Every year, 16 million tourists visit Indonesian islands. There are at least 4.5 million migrant workers and hundreds of foreign companies that set up their businesses on the 17,000 islands of this magnificent country from Sumatra to Papua, including Java and Bali.

Our Immigration law firm has been assisting people and businesses with various immigration law-related matters since 2015 and would be delighted to help you in your journey. We cover a complete range of immigration services from advice and assistance in the application of business, tourist, or family visas, work permits, and permanent citizenship, to assistance in deportation, and obtaining a police clearance certificate (SKCK).


Our customers are Indonesians and foreigners from all over the globe like Americans, Australians, Europeans, Asians, etc.


We know it is often difficult to choose the right attorney on a topic as important as Indonesian immigration law. At Tampubolon Legal Solutions we can provide you with an all-in-one solution with our network of partners like Visa Agents, translators, or even notaries.

Indonesian immigration law can be complex and evolves regularly. This is why our team of immigration lawyers always stays up-to-date with immigration regulations and government decisions. 


Every Indonesian visitor must know and comply with Immigration law. Infringing the Immigration Law can have some severe repercussions for any international visitor. For example, if the maximum length of stay in Indonesia is overstepped, a fine of Rp 1,000,000 per day will be charged (as of April 2020) and you even risk being deported and banned from returning to the country.

You can find a lot of information on the Indonesian Immigration website about entry and residence requirements.

Whether you are a tourist, business, or expat, our firm is here to assist you with local immigration expertise to make the most of your experience in Indonesia.

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Legal Consultation with Experts

DURATION: 20 - 30 Minutes.

RATE:  IDR 1,500,000 (one million five hundred thousand Rupiah) to IDR 2,200,000 (two million two hundred thousand Rupiah) (after taxes).



  • 20-30 minutes with legal experts, where you are free to ask any legal questions; and

  • a complimentary legal summary of the discussion.

Ask Simple Legal Questions

WHAT: Send us a maximum of 2 (two) legal questions (without document review) and you will get your legal answers by email within 24-48 hours. This service is perfect for clients who are looking for immediate and reliable legal guidance in writing.

RATE: IDR 1,000,000 (one million Rupiah) (inclusive of all taxes).


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