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Indonesian Citizenship Lawyer - Tampubolon Legal Solutions


Our experienced Indonesian citizenship lawyers help our clients to undergo the naturalization process to become Indonesian citizens, guidance to renounce or regain Indonesian citizenship, and provide general legal advice in Indonesian nationality law and dual citizenship issues.


Read on to learn about all the citizenship law services that our firm provides.



Our Naturalization service caters to individuals seeking citizenship as spouses of Indonesian citizens, ex-Indonesian citizens, or those seeking naturalization from long-term residence. With our support, you can be confident of achieving successful naturalization.

Regaining Indonesian Citizenship

We provide tailored assistance to guide foreigners who used to hold Indonesian nationality or used to be a child with dual citizenship to regain their Indonesian nationality, from obtaining the repatriation stay permit, and permanent residence, to preparing their documents to regain Indonesian citizenship.

Renouncing Indonesian Citizenship

For those obtaining foreign nationality, renouncing Indonesian citizenship can be a complicated process. We provide tailored assistance to guide you through the entire process: be it for renouncing Indonesian nationality, or for ex-children with dual nationality who wish to choose a foreign nationality. 

General Legal Advise

Our expert team of lawyers specializes in providing legal advice on Indonesian citizenship and nationality law. We understand that every client's needs are unique and we provide tailored advice per our clients' situations. With our practical and legal approach, we'll guide our clients through the complexities of Indonesian nationality law.

Indonesian Dual Citizenship

Navigating the complexities of dual citizenship can be challenging, but our law firm is here to help.  We provide expert legal advice to parents of eligible children, offering guidance on how to obtain the necessary documents and navigate the complicated procedures required for dual citizenship in Indonesia. 


Why Work with Us?

Indonesia, renowned for its rich cultural tapestry, diverse landscapes, and burgeoning economic opportunities, has emerged as a pivotal destination for many seeking to become part of its unique story. Obtaining Indonesian citizenship can open a plethora of doors, but the journey is entwined with intricate legal pathways. That's where our firm shines, offering unparalleled guidance and expertise in navigating the nuances of Indonesian citizenship law.


Becoming an Indonesian citizen is more than just a legal status; it’s an invitation into a vibrant community that cherishes unity in diversity. Indonesian citizenship offers a myriad of benefits, from economic opportunities to cultural and political integration.


Further, the intricacies of losing and regaining Indonesian citizenship are manifold. Various circumstances can lead to the relinquishment of one's Indonesian citizenship, whether intentional or inadvertent. Our firm excels in guiding clients through this maze, ensuring clarity at every step.


Regaining Indonesian citizenship after a loss is a nuanced process that demands a keen understanding of the legal landscape. Our team can guide you through the requisite procedures, paperwork, and legal channels to reclaim your status.


Children born to mixed-nationality parents or in foreign lands often find themselves with dual citizenship. While this status offers the best of both worlds, it comes with its set of complexities:


In conclusion, navigating the multifaceted world of Indonesian citizenship requires a trusted partner with deep-seated knowledge and experience. Our firm is committed to being that guiding beacon, illuminating the path with expert advice, clear solutions, and unwavering support. When it comes to making pivotal decisions about your Indonesian citizenship journey, choose expertise, choose clarity, choose us.

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