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We offer easy solutions for clients who need to obtain an Indonesian Police Clearance Certificate (SKCK) seamlessly, whether for naturalization, employment, or immigration purpose. Read on to learn about how we can assist you.



Prepare and submit the required documents

Prepare all the required documents to submit SKCK according to your situation and submit them along with the required information in the form provided for our further review. If necessary, please also specify in the form whether you will need your SKCK to be apostilled or not.


Make the payment

Once we have confirmed the documents, you can send the payment. We accept payment with Paypal (with 5% fee) or direct bank transfer to our firm's bank account. Please note that international bank transfers can take up to 5 business days to be cleared.


Receive your SKCK

We will apply your SKCK to the Indonesian Police once we have confirmed the payment. Please note that the processing time normally can take up to 3 (three) business days (can vary depending on the load of the relevant officials). We will send the scanned copy of the document once it has been issued and ship the original document to your country of residence.


Documents Required:

For foreigners:

  1. Valid passport;

  2. Copy of KITAS/KITAP (or copy of the KITAS/KITAP stamp in the passport);

  3. 6 copies of the applicant's picture with yellow background (size 4x6 cm);

  4. Fingerprint samples taken in a local police office or fingerprints agency; and

  5. Completed SKCK questionnaire (download here).

For Indonesian citizens:

  1. Valid passport;

  2. Copy of KTP, KK, and/or birth certificate;

  3. 6 copies of the applicant's picture with red background (size 4x6 cm);

  4. Fingerprint formulation in a local police office; and

  5. Completed SKCK questionnaire (download here).

Processing Time:

  1. We will process your application on the next business day after we have completely received the payment in our bank account.

  2. From our experience, the processing time will take 1-3 business days, which may vary depending on the load of the officials involved in the process.

  3. If you need your documents to also be apostilled, please note that the submission and the processing of apostille will require another 7 (seven) business days.

  4. We will send you the scanned copy of the issued SKCK (and the apostille certificate, if applicable) by email, which will be followed by arranging the shipment of the original document to your residence.


  1. We charge a fixed rate of IDR 6,800,000 or €400 (after taxes) for each form submitted. 

  2. The rate above has included: the administration cost to process the Indonesian Police Clearance (SKCK), and the handling fee, but is exclusive of the shipping cost to your residence.

  3. For additional apostille service, we will charge an amount of IDR 850,000 or €50 (after taxes).

  4. The rate above is exclusive of the fee charged by the bank or payment platform.

Additional Information:

  1. SKCK is issued in two languages, in English and Indonesian. Please contact us if you need your SKCK to be translated into another language and we will arrange it for you.

  2. SKCK is valid for 6 months from the date of its issuance.

  3. SKCK is only eligible for Indonesian citizens and foreign nationals with KITAS/KITAP. If you are a foreign national with a different stay permit (e.g. short-term visa or ITAS for workers on vessels), you are not eligible to obtain SKCK. Please contact us by email for a different solution.


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