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Long term stay Bali



Working legally in Bali is the dream of many people, with its natural beauty and cultural variety offering its own value for expatriates around the world. 


Bali is the paradise of the world that exists in the tropical area of ​​Indonesia. Apart from its nature and cultural diversity, Bali is also known for the friendliness of its people, the Balinese people are very friendly and polite to everyone who comes to Bali either just for vacation or to work. 


To work legally in Bali, some important documents that must be known, including KITAS, KITAP, and IMTA.


In principle, there are two situations where one can work in Bali, either if: 

  1. they are working for a foreign company and working remotely from Bali, or

  2. they are working for an Indonesian company and working remotely from or directly in Bali.


Foreigners who work for a company located abroad, can work remotely from Bali, provided that they have the Remote Worker Visa (Index E33G).

This remote worker visa (Index E33G), as provided by Article 33(2) letter j of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights Regulations No. 22 of 2023 (“MoLHR 22/2023”), is classified as a limited stay visa (VITAS), which means it can further be converted into a temporary stay permit (kartu izin tinggal terbatas or KITAS) once the holder arrives in Indonesia, and shall be valid for a maximum of 1 (one) year. This stay permit can also be renewed, provided the total period does not exceed 6 (six) years.

Meanwhile, suppose the foreigner is working for an Indonesian company remotely from or directly in Bali. In that case, the said foreigner needs a working visa (which can also be converted into KITAS) and the company that employs them shall hold the IMTA. Normally, it could be given for a period between 6 months to 2 (two) years and can be renewed depending on the existence of the employment contract between the company and the relevant foreigners.

Working remotely from Bali
Working remotely from Bali


To apply for this visa, applicants must follow the guidelines set forth in Article 63 of the MoLHR 22/2023. The required documents include:

  1. Passport that is valid and still valid for at least 6 (six) months;

  2. proof of Immigration Guarantee, in the form of salary or income worth at least US$60,000 (sixty thousand US dollars) per year;

  3. proof of having living expenses for himself and/or family while in Indonesia in the amount of US$2,000;

  4. latest color photograph; and

  5. proof of employment contract with a company that incorporated outside the Indonesian (foreign company).

Before applying for a Remote Worker Visa, it is essential to prepare adequately for the above requirements. For instance, the employment contract to be supplied should specify the terms that the employee is allowed by his or her company to conduct remote working, or if the foreigner is self-employed, they must be able to show appropriate documentation justifying the nature of the work and their employment in their own company.

Additionally, applicants must ensure they have a valid address in Indonesia, as this will determine which immigration office processes their ITAS and monitors their stay. Any change of address must be reported to avoid legal complications.


Working visa for Bali is applied online through the Indonesian immigration online visa application by the sponsor of the said foreigner in Indonesia, which in this case is the company who employs him/her.


Referring to MoLHR 22/2023, the working visa for Bali requires:


  1. Passport that is valid and still valid for at least 6 (six) months;

  2. proof of sponsorship from the Sponsor, i.e. the company;

  3. proof of having living expenses for himself and/or family while in Indonesia;

  4. latest color photograph; and

  5. statement from Indonesian manpower institution or any other government institution in case the said foreigner’s work for the government. 


As per MoLHR 22/2023, when a foreigner enters Indonesia with this visa, their visa will be converted into ITAS.

Please note that before applying for the above visa, it is important for the employer of foreigners to initially obtain approval to employ forigners from the Ministry of Manpower by submitting a Foreign Worker Placement Plan/Rencana Penggunaan Tenaga Kerja Asing (RPTKA). It is also mandatory for company who employs foreigner to hold an permit to employe foreigners/Izin Menggunakan Tenaga kerja Asing (IMTA)

Working remotely from Bali


KITAP is the abbreviation of Permanent Stay Permit Card. KITAP is a document that must be owned by foreign citizens (WNA) who wish to live in Indonesia and to take care of various population management needs. KITAP is given to foreigners who have had KITAS for 5 consecutive years and meet certain requirements.


The following are the requirements that must be met to apply for KITAS in Indonesia;


  1. ITAS application letter from sponsor.

  2. Letter of statement and guarantee from sponsor (stamped Rp. 10,000).

  3. KTP sponsor.

  4. ITAS application form.

  5. Original passport and photocopy.

  6. Domicile certificate from RT/RW or hotel or apartment.

  7. ITAS approval telex.

  8. To sponsor an Indonesian wife or husband, attach the Marriage Book, sponsor's KTP and sponsor's Family Card.

  9. For sponsors of Indonesian parents, attach the applicant's birth certificate with a certified Indonesian or English translation.

  10. For foreign workers, attach IMTA, RPTKA, marriage certificate and birth certificate (marriage certificate and birth certificate must be translated into Indonesian or English by a certified translator).

  11. For Foreign Investors (PMA), attach recommendations from the Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM) as well as other company documents.

  12. For students, attach a letter of recommendation from the relevant agency


Permit to Employ Foreign Workers (IMTA) is a written permit given by the Minister or appointed official to employers of Foreign Workers (TKA). IMTA is used as a requirement for foreign workers to be able to work in Indonesia in addition to the Plan for the Use of Foreign Workers (RPTKA). This RPTKA is the basis for the issuance of IMTA. TKA IMTA arrangements are carried out by the TKA employer. IMTA is valid for a maximum of 1 year and the RPTKA validity period can be extended with the condition that each time the extension is 1 year.


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